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Public exhibition of the accreditation self-report of the Nursing Studies at the Sant Pau University School of Nursing (EUI-Sant Pau)

The Quality Agency of the University of Catalonia System (AQU) is carrying out the accreditation process for nursing studies at the Sant Pau University School of Nursing (EUI-Sant Pau).

We are now in the public exhibition phase of the accreditation self-report in the process of review, drawn up by the Internal Evaluation Commission (CAI).

According to the PC10. Acreditation of Bachelor's and Master's degrees before approval, the CAI must submit the self-report to a public exhibition process open to the entire educational community of the Centre, linked to the degrees being accredited. In the event that as a result of the public exhibition there is any contribution to the self-report, the CAI will need to assess whether its incorporation is appropriate.

The public exhibition dates are from February 6 to 10, 2023

Therefore, the opinion of the educational community of the center is essential to be able to close the accreditation process. However, they inform you that you will also receive this information via email, which will be the channel for collecting your contributions to the self-report.

In the following link you can view the provisional acreditation self-report of the Nursing Studies al the Escola Universitària d’Infermeria de Sant Pau (EUI-Sant Pau)