Governing bodies
Governing bodies
Governing bodies

The Government and Administration of the centre falls within the scope of its own patronage and to the Director, assisted by the government bodies that the centre’s regulation establishes.


It will exercise the functions corresponding to itself according to Decree 298/1986 of centre adscription regulation and those of the UAB’s statutes attributed to the Joint Council for the supervision of the teaching activity and the economic aspects of the affiliated centres.

It is designated by the holder in the training that determines the centre’s regulations and it is formed by a total of eight members.


The School’s director will be appointed by UAB’s Principal on the motion of the body that owns the centre, according to article 7 of RD 298/1986 dated 25th December, DOGC 754, that regulates the adscription of university centres.

It is the Director who must take responsibility on the current management in the government and the administration of the centre according to the aforementioned regulations.

School Board

It is the representative and participative body in the School’s collective. The main aim of the School Board is to ensure an appropriate organization and the quality of teaching.

They shall meet, at least, two times a year and every time it is summoned by its President or by a third part of its members.

It will be composed of:

  • The Director who chairs it
  • The Degree Coordinator
  • The Research Coordinator
  • The Quality Coordinator
  • The Mobility and Exchange Coordinator
  • The Teaching Material and Resources Coordinator
  • The Practical Coordinator
  • All Teaching Area Managers
  • Teachers on a full-time dedication
  • Representative of those teachers on a part-time dedication
  • Student’s representatives
  • A representation of the Administration and Services staff


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