Coordinating bodies and educational responsibility
Coordinating bodies and educational responsibility
Coordinating bodies and educational responsibility

Head of Teaching Department

Every Teaching Department, as a formal organizing unit, is represented by a Head of the Department, a core subject teacher who is also member of the Schools Directing Team.

Degree Coordinator

She coordinates teaching activities on the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing related to programming and transversal operation of the degree itself. He/she should ensure the correct organization of the degree both in teacher related aspects and in student related aspects.

Research Coordinator

She coordinates the development of the research areas approved by the School Board, encourages research according to the defined lines and the relation between national and international authorities and the Library’s Server.

Quality Coordinator

She coordinates the development of the student’s quality processes and promotes the quality in a transversal level.

Mobility and Exchange Coordinator 

She coordinates foreign student and teacher exchanges.

She also coordinates, with the corresponding responsible staff of the school, the period through which the exchange will take place and the adapting scheme of this period to the academic calendar established by the academic year.

She coordinates with the Teaching Department in order to perform other tasks related to mobility such as hosting and planning of activities for the visiting teachers.

Material and Teaching Resouces Coordinator 

He is responsible for giving support to the director in the management of teaching materials and resources and in the maintenance and proper functioning of equipment and material resources for teaching.

Practical Coordinator

She is responsible for the coordination of clinical practices of the degree between the faculty responsible for subjects of the same course and promotes the improvement of practices at a cross-sectional level.

Course coordinator

Care for the correct organization of the course both in aspects related to teachers and students.


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