Mission, vision and values
Mission, vision and values
Mission, vision and values


Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Nursing School’s mission is to train competent nurses and male nurses committed with society and their profession, capable of responding to the patient’s healing needs, to family and community, while respecting their rights, values, traditions and beliefs. 

Its mission it is also to create and share the necessary expertise to contribute to the development of the discipline and to improve society’s quality of life. 

It offers a comprehensive training focused on the student in the context of an organised culture of continuous quality improvement, all of this in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust in people. 


Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Nursing School wants to be known as a centre: 

Committed to nursing training and profession;

  • Being a quality and excellence referent in nursing training, both in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, where the focal point is the student and the main targets are quality and vocational integration of university graduates;
  • Offering a postgraduate training innovative and attractive, with guidance both professional and scientific;
  • With an organisation comprised by people with the same objectives working together in order to achieve them, accessible to the user, an organisation which operates with excellence, efficiency and social responsibility criteria. 


We take as fundamental values liberty, equality, respect to human rights, justice and peace, democratic and social values that help us building a free and equal society. Some other shared values that must be an imperative for action for all of Sant Pau’s UNS group are:

  • Responsibility, understood as the value that helps us in reaching decisions consciously and freely, accepting the consequences resulting from those decisions and respond to them in front of to whom it might concern without diverting one’s responsibility to others, nor diminishing it amongst third parties or the collective. It implies a consistent performance committed to our mission, vision and values, being transparent and held accountable beyond that prescribed by legislation. 
  • Respect is the kind of value that helps us recognise, accept, appreciate and assess other’s qualities and their rights. That means respect is the acknowledgement of the values of individual’s and society’s rights.
  • The compromise, understood as being personally involved in what is being done, understand not only what it really is but also what it should be according to justice, fundamental value expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one’s ethical option with other people or organisations.