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I Jornada de Investigación EUE
I Jornada de Investigación EUE

The 1st EUE-San Pablo Research Day "Take Care, Teach, Research. YOU ARE A NURSE", is presented as a space for reflection and exchange between professionals from different fields. Its link is essential that both professionals and students can update and share knowledge from other perspectives, be it content, techniques and / or skills that are aimed at healing people. This Conference is structured in three well-differentiated parts but with the same thread, which aims to give visibility to all those projects led by teaching, care and research nurses, with the aim of ensuring quality training for future professionals and offer the better care for people.


Access the program of the Conference by clicking on the following image:

Program of Reserch day NSU

If you are interested in pre-registering for the Research Day, please send an e-mail to